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Exploring New Horizons

Sundial IV is a new Internet browser developed with advanced domain name technology that opens up a new world of possibilities for navigating the Internet.

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What's new in Sundial IV

  • Higher performance
  • New starting page with Live TLDs
  • Better HTML 5 support
  • Automatic updates
  • Supports SSL certificates for Unifiedroot hostnames
  • Based On Mozilla "Firefox" version 4

Based on Mozilla "Firefox"

Sundial IV is based on the original source code of Mozilla's Firefox browser to create a new and unique browser capable of expanding the limits of sites one can visit on the Internet.

The Sundial IV browser is redefining the boundaries of domain name addressing.

.com and Language Scripts

The Sundial IV browser is unique in its ability to support all the well known Top-Level Domains (TLDs) associated with websites using domain name extensions such as (.com , .net , .eu, etc.) as well as new domains such as ".unifiedroot" and others currently coming on-stream.

Sundial IV supports the use of new Internet addresses in other language scripts such as Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hindi, etc.